A Lift For Horse Broken-Leg Recovery

A Lift For Horse Broken-Leg RecoveryMany people have heard that if a horse breaks its leg you just need to shoot it.  Sadly that happens to many horses.  A race horse can easily break a leg from a mishap but even a trail horse can easily loose footing on lose ground and end up with a broken leg.  While you no longer need to shoot the horse outright it is still a tough road.  Once the leg is broken a horse will need to have a surgical procedure to repair its leg.  Normally it is confined to a small stall and given pain medications.  However the horse will still be standing on that leg as it heals.  This means that the mere shifting around in the stall could cause complications and problems in the recovery.  Many horses are euthanized after having the surgery to repair the broken leg and developing other issues during the recovery. Continue reading

Methods Of Horse Training

Methods Of Horse TrainingJust like most things in life there are a number of ways to come to the same result.  Training a horse is no different.  If you are brand new there may need to be a lot of experimentation.  You’ll need to find a method that you understand and can utilize.  Then you’ll also need to make sure it is a method that the horse responds to.  Even if you are an old pro at training horses it is always good to have an extra method or two that you’ve mastered.  Some animals just won’t respond to your old tried and true approach. Continue reading

Horseback Riding: Equestrianism In The West

equestrianismThe past time of riding a horse is known as equestrianism.  It can further be broken down into two major disciplines.  These are fundamentally different as they require different saddles and some different types of tack.  They are known as “English” and “Western” styles.  In the United States the first style is known as “English” in other places it is simply known as “Classical” style.  This is the style that is used in many international competitions such as the Olympics.  In contrast the other style is known as “Western”. Continue reading